Jasmine 3″ cd

Jasmine 3 cd

Jasmine 3" cd

I still have copies of the Smallfish disc available should anyone desire one- shoot me an e-mail at michaelcottone@gmail.com . Here is what Mr. Smallfish had to say about the disc:

I fell in love with Michael Cottone’s Green Kingdom album on the Sem label when it came out last year, so I’m extremely pleased to be able to bring you this superb 3″ release on Smallfish. What can I say, really? A deeply beautiful selection of organic, atmospheric electronic music lovingly created using guitars and processing. The sense of space and depth is what always strikes me when listening to it and the sheer exquisite beauty shines through every time. There’s an oriental lilt to a couple of the tracks (reflected I think in the titles of a couple of the tracks) and it all combines to create a soothing, ethereal and sublime EP. The combination of Michael’s undeniable talents and the mastering skills of Taylor Deupree have come together to give us an absolutely lovely release. Limited to 100 copies.


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