Escape Art – Air Texture I Mix

Escape Art – Air Texture I Mix

1. The Green Kingdom “Kalimba Sketch” (Air Texture Vol. I)
2. Rafael Anton Irisarri “Flowstone” (Air Texture Vol. I)
3. Andrew Thomas “Black Sky, Bright Sun” (Air Texture Vol. I)
4. loscil “Hyphae” (Air Texture Vol. I)
5. Dario Marianelli “Wandering Jane” (Jane Eyre Soundtrack, Sony)
6. Brian McBride “At A Loss” (unreleased, Air Texture Vol. II)
7. bvdub “Tried So Hard” (Air Texture Vol. I)

Prismatic available for pre-order now

The Green Kingdom - Prismatic
We are delighted to announce details of our latest release, The Green Kingdom ‘Prismatic’. Mike Cottone (The Green Kingdom) utilises a similar musical palette as can be heard on last year’s acclaimed ‘Twig And Twine’ CD and once again ‘Prismatic’ is expertly mastered by Taylor Deupree (12k/Line).

On this outing Cottone ventures deeper into the landscape of The Green Kingdom with a collection of beautifully crafted, intricately detailed, organic/electronic instrumentals. Sitting comfortably amidst the field of electro-acoustic music production, what makes Cottone’s work stand apart from his contemporaries is the warmth, emotion and true understanding of melody and harmony so evidently on display within these expansive arrangements. There is a real sense of space and depth to this collection which filters elements of dub, techno, folk and electronic experimentation through the prism of processed guitars, strings, bells and other sampled instruments.

Recalling Susumu Yokota, Shuttle 358, The Boats, Harold Budd and even vintage era The Durutti Column on the album’s cornerstone track, ‘Wetlands’. On tracks such as the sun-drenched ‘Radiance Reflected’ and ‘Bonfire (tec)’, alluring melodies are underpinned by subtle beat constructions. Whilst on ‘The Largest Creature That Has Ever Existed’, deep, subby drones plumb the depths as finespun rhythms and delicate melodies swell, rise and break the surface.

Equal parts brooding and beguiling, optimistic and uplifting, an album that is perfectly timed to welcome the lengthening shadows of early autumn while casting a wistful glance back at the last gasps of summer. These are adventures in modern composition that never lose sight of the importance of melody, harmony, structure and rhythm. Minimalism at its most expressive, lush and emotional.

A limited number of ‘Prismatic’ will be issued with an additional bonus CD of remixes from the likes of bvdub, The Boats, Part Timer, Insecto, H.A.M., Yuri Lugovskoy, Northerner, Fieldhead, The Declining Winter and Inch-time. These artists take the original compositions into some unexpected and exciting new musical territories.


Ian Hawgood – Slow Films In Low Light

Slow Films in Low LightI have a remix appearing on this great new collection from Home Normal records. ALL the proceeds from this release will go to The Archway Foundation (, a UK charity who serve those hurt by loneliness.

The tracklist is as follows:

01. A Film by Federico Durand
02. A Film by Pan Am Scan
03. A Film by The Remote Viewer
04. A Film by Danny Norbury
05. A Film by Color Cassette
06. A Film by Geskia!
07. A Film by Hannu
08. A Film by Yuri Miyauchi
09. A Film by Miko
10. A Film by The Green Kingdom
11. A Film by Library Tapes
12. A Film by Ten and Tracer
13. A Film by Chihei Hatakeyama
14. A Film by He Can Jog feat. Nick Sanborn

January 2010 Fluid Radio Mix

The Green Kingdom returns with his second exclusive mix installment for Fluid Radio focusing on some wonderful folk type experimentation…

The Green Kingdom Vol. 2

Track List:

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – What Must Be Done
Jasper TX – Gone, Away
Diane Cluck – Easy to be Around
Mountains – Sewn Two
Neil Halstead – Oh! Mighty Engine
Jimmy Behan – Box of Broken Things
Tomoyoshi Date – A Water’s Game In The Limestone Cave
Le Lendemain – Linden
PJ Harvey – White Chalk
Ethan Rose – The Floor Released
Pan Am Scan – Rosa
Shuttle 358 – Finch
To Rococo Rot – A Little Asphalt Here And There
The Books – None But Shining Hours
Clickits – Brttle
Danny Norbury – Version Trail (Beppu Constucts Norbury)